Same Road

by Tigerhands

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We met by the same road between your town and mine well I didnt know you before until I saw your eyes we met by the same road where our fathers used to play just between the port and the sails I never knew WE`D COME TOGETHER AND GOT TO KNOW EACH OTHER MOVE TO THE SAME APARTMENT START A LIFE TOGETHER AND FIGHT OUR FIGHTS TOGETHER LIVE BY THE SAME ROAD WE MET I heard it´s the same house many years ago it was standing all alone still strong enough and brave for new day and new beginning
fast, fast, fast baby I have lost the tracks back to you, to you, to you you made me leave now im heading back to you just for you, for you, for you IT´S THE NEVER ENDING GAMES THAT YOU ALWAYS WANNA PLAY WANNA PLAY, PLAY, PLAY NEVER ENDING GAMES I KNOW WHAT YOU ARE AND THE STORIES THAT YOU TELL ISNT TRUE, TRUE, TRUE, ISNT TRUE what a mess you made I thought it´s only me, only me, and me, and me there´s another girl it´s not beatiful to see what she did, she did, she did. Eye for an eye it´s an honest way to die, die, die, die, die it´s an honest way to die you reap what you sow just the way things go just the way, way, way, way things go
sweat on your arms broken are the words so cruel yet so real it can rot you believe what you see keep in mind what you hear rumours can be so dreadful youre mind is an attic for the things in the past cant burn them or leave them behind be honest with yourself and deal with the truth it´s a straight and narrow way to coffin it isnt a choice the way you live or die you born and you make your own way it´s not about fame it´s not about fortune say hello to the carrion flies
I can see you all around even though I don't wanna see and I can hear everything you said even though I don't wanna hear and I can feel everything you did even though I don't wanna feel and all of your days you missed me so bad cause I had to leave NOW YOU GOT MORE TO LOSE THAN I DO CAUSE I TRIED TO SAY IT BEFORE BUT YOU NEVER HEARD IT NO HOW MY LIFE WAS MISERABLE WITH YOU AND NOW WE CANT TURN BACK IN TIME every night you promised you'd love me during days you turned your back on me you broke every promise we had and still you made rules for me how was I suppose to know that you weren't so good for me and all of your days you missed me so bad cause I moved on
Dont be disappointed in life you got it didnt give you what you wanted at least you expected there is something more you missed or youre not part of I can tell the world should be a chance not just a burden or tragedy hope will stay as long as you will IT´S ONLY A FEW JUST ONE OR TWO IS IT YOU? OR IS IT A GUESTION WITHOUT ANSWER IT´S ONLY A FEW JUST ONE OR TWO YOU BETTER TRY CAUSE IT´S A MATTER OF TIME you should figure out the rest whether to do the things that you know the best or seal it to your heart and never let it out until you feel the stone in your shoe it hurts like hell but you keep on running like a blind who´s unable to see the truth that is buried deep in your heart we always want the things we dont have we dream too much instead of setting goals it´s time to learn we are busy in something else you can see its all true


released August 10, 2012


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Tigerhands Helsinki, Finland

Hello we are Tigerhands. A finnish duo, consisting of Eve Hotti (vocals) and Petteri Granberg (guitars). We could describe our music as acoustic/pop/folk etc.. you name it! We have been doing music together since summer 2010. Our first album "Same road" is here so listen and enjoy!

- Petteri & Eve

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